Starting up an Online Business in New Zealand

New Zealanders with online skills that can be monetized will need to consider a few things before starting up a business. It is one thing to have online skills but it is another thing altogether to turn this into a viable business that is easy to operate particularly with respect to customer acquisition, payments and taxation issues.You don’t have a business unless you have customers and they are paying you and you are keeping on side with the tax department.

Many people with a great idea forget that running a business can be a lot of repetitive but essential activity that quickly stops becoming fun particularly in comparison to the fun of developing the business application. For example, it is not much fun if a customer acquisition process requires one to one phone calls to many hundreds of customers to get them to sign up. And it is definitely not much fun if these customers then need to be invoiced on a monthly basis and the laggards need to be chased up on a weekly or monthly basis.

If the success of the business depends on many hundreds or more customers paying small amounts of revenue then it is well worth the business looking for systems that will enable the automated acquisition and provisioning of new customers, and the automated billing and receipting of all services. This can make a very scalable business that allows the business owners to work full time expanding their business into new niches and optimising revenue in existing niches, while the automated process is dealing with the boring stuff of customer acquisition, provisioning and billing.

The business should also look at automated accounting systems that provide at minimum an automated cash book that can be sent to the accountant at the end of each tax year.

A huge advantage for online businesses in 2017 is the large variety of online tools and services that can be leased very cheaply and can be easily integrated into the online business to automate these critical but boring processes.